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Week 4: Clean plates week

posted Feb 1, 2013, 5:55 AM by Dinner Lady   [ updated Feb 8, 2013, 6:23 AM ]
This week Four and a half bellies will be eating everything off our plates...yes, every last scrap!  When there is no food scraped from plate to bin at the end of a meal we will reward ourselves with 50p into our pot. To do this we will:
  • serve smaller portions - with lots left in the pot for seconds, thirds and fourths should they be desired
  • ask everyone whether they fancy "alot" or "a little" of each bit of the meal - that way when The Noble Knight meets his nemesis in the form of courgette, he can choose to eat 1 small slice rather than a large spoonful
  • make sure that portions of seconds are small - often the children want just a little bit more, and my mistake is to pile on a second serving as large as the first, and they just haven't got room for it
  • make sure there is something that everyone (or nearly everyone) loves to eat at each meal
  • stop suffering whining and fussiness - truly hungry people do not fuss about what they are being served up! 
  • serve each person their seconds and puddings when everything on their plate has been eaten up. 
How we're doing:
  • Pretty well! Pretty much everything has been eaten up - making £9 (50p per meal), apart from 1 or 2 tsp from Princess Baby - which has been my fault for giving her too much second servings - £1 fine.
  • Mrs Doubtfire and I have got better at asking the children how much they want of each bit of food before heaping it on their plates.
  • The Noble Knight and Maths Geek have got very good at saying how much they think they can eat and so portion sizes have matched their very varying appetites.
  • On Thursday night, The Noble Knight really didn't want to eat the roasted vegetables from our North African roasted vegetables with halloumi.  But he really wanted his yoghurt and pear, and understood his choice: eat the vegetables and then have pudding; don't eat the vegetables.  He chose the former and loved the pear. 
  • Princess Baby's understanding of language and what is going on around her has really developed in the last month. On the down side, as soon as she spots someone with something to eat that she hasn't got, she pushes her plate away, flings any remaining food on the floor and says "more", pointing at the desired food stuff.  On the plus side, she understands the phrase "cereal first, then toast" and after a few tests where she continued to fling food on the floor, she realised I meant business and now finishes off her food before moving on to the next course.  
I am really pleased with this effort - much easier than I thought.  Looking forward to a fun day out at the fairground.....

Money saved from food saves this week: £9-1 (for Princess Baby's left over scraps)= £8
Total money saved from food saves: Plus £2.50 from Week 3= £10.50

How do you stop food from being thrown from plate to bin?  Email your ideas, tips and experiences to dinnerlady@fourandahalfbellies.co.uk

"I am learning to feed left overs to our cat", Caroline