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Week 3: Left overs week

posted Jan 21, 2013, 11:32 AM by Dinner Lady   [ updated Feb 8, 2013, 6:24 AM ]
Ok, so last week showed us that however well intentioned we are, we seem to cook far too much each meal in a bid to ensure that all bellies are suitably full. Or is that just our excuse for gluttony?  Whatever the answer, we need to make sure that our left overs don't outstay their welcome and get put to good use. 50p for every leftover that gets used up before it needs to head to the bin.  To do this we will:
  • keep checking the fridge to see what is lurking around at the back 
  • remind Nanny Poppins and Mrs Doubtfire that it is left overs week
  • think imaginatively how to recycle left over bits of pasta, rice, cheese
  • plan meals based on what is in the fridge 
How we're doing:
  • made a Sunshine in a Pot pasta recipe, using left over olives and capers that had been hanging around in jars in the fridge for too long - 50p
  • threw away half tin anchovies - they had been lying in fridge, uncovered, for too long and there was a confusion about who was going to use them up in what recipe - 50p fine
  • added 4-5 tbsp left over pasta pesto extravaganza to the Pasta Sunshine in a left over left over meal - 50p
  • used up about 200g left over bits of Xmas cheese to make cheese fritters - 50p
  • Remembered to eat up the left over MSC prawn curry and rice - 50p
  • used up left over roast beef to make a Winter Beef Stew and to have cold with jacket potatoes - 50p
  • used up one remaining cheese fritters, 6 left over boiled potatoes and 2 left over roasted potatoes - sliced them then fried them in goose fat. Delicious. 50p
Money saved from food saves this week: £2.50
Total money saved from food saves: Plus £1.30 from Week 2= £3.80

What imaginative things can you do with your leftovers? Email your ideas to dinnerlady@fourandahalfbellies.co.uk if you are happy to share them.