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Week 2: I cooked just enough week

posted Jan 15, 2013, 12:11 PM by Dinner Lady   [ updated Jan 21, 2013, 11:32 AM ]
This week we Four and a half bellies are trying to cook just enough pasta, rice or potatoes for each meal, so that we are not left with loads of left overs which generally tend to sit in the fridge until someone decides they are too old and throws them out.  To do this we will:
  • think carefully about how much each person is likely to eat and at each meal and then judge how much to throw in the pan accordingly 
How we're doing: 
  • made too many roast potatoes for our Sunday meal - 6 were left over, but were then fried  up by Nanny Poppins to go with the Winter Beef I cooked
  • made too much rice at lunchtime on Tuesday - 3 tbsp sat in the fridge and then moved to the bin - 50p fine
  • made too much pasta on Monday night - small takeaway sized carton full that has now been eaten by Princess Baby for lunch on Tuesday 
  • baked too many jacket potatoes for kids' supper on Tuesday night - had not realised just how large the potatoes were! Saved one of them for me to eat later in the evening but does that count? 
  • Mrs Doubtfire earned 50p by measuring out the rice quantities on Wednesday. Well done Mrs D, who usually forgets that rice expands when cooking- 50p
  • I earned 50p by cooking just enough macaroni cheese for the kids on Friday evening Only problem was that I am not convinced the boys were totally full and so they had a couple of slices of bread - 50p
Money saved this week: 50p
TOTAL SO FAR: 50p, plus 80p carried over from last week= £1.30

Cooking just enough - not too much, not to little is very hard to achieve. First of all it is sometimes hard to judge when rice and pasta swells on cooking.  Also, Mrs Doubtfire and I have some kind of fear of undercooking lest bellies go hungry - I guess we seem to think it is better to go over rather than under board. It's awful when the pot is empty and kids are clamoring for more!  As long as any left over food can be incorporated into another meal quite quickly and not forgotten so it becomes either nutritionally null and void or worse, then may be it is not such a sin.......Is it?