I hope you enjoy reading our family recipes and maybe trying some of them out. If you think your children might not like them, try them - you never know! If they are too spicy for your tastes, reduce or omit the chilli, or use chilli flakes to liven the adult or braver eater's plates. 

I am not a fanatic about measurements (apart from when baking), throwing in the amounts that look right, or what I have. So if it says use one carrot, and you only have half, don't bother buying more. See if it seems enough, and if not, pad it out with something else that might work with it.  All amounts will serve "Four and a half bellies", give or take. If you have too little, pad it out with pasta or rice of potatoes. If you make too much, great. Save the left overs and eat it tomorrow for lunch. Or snack on it later. Or freeze it. Or give it away. Please don't bin it.