Meet the Four and a half bellies

Dinner Lady - age: depends on the sort of day she's having

Likes: singing, when the children are in bed, dinner parties, finding missing lego pieces, when the children are awake

Dislikes: the never-ending job of sorting out the washing, wiping snot, whining

Maths Geek - 6 years old

Likes: rules, order, castles, listening to the news, sausages, the idea of infinity

Dislikes: sweet things, people who bully, bananas

The Noble Knight - 4 years old

Likes: chocolate fudge banana cake, TV, playing knights, singing

Dislikes: staying in bed, courgettes, rules

Princess Baby - 14 months old

Likes: milk, cuddles, smiles, tickles, her older brothers

Dislikes: being at home all day with just Dinner Lady