Help! What can I cook with my leftover .....?

We used to tease my mother that she could magically make enough stew to feed an army using just half an onion, some old vegetable peel and a few left over scraps of meat. But the principle of using odds and sods that are left lying around has been instilled in me, and I try to make the most of them. If there is too much of the main course left over, I generally save it to heat again the next day, and will often feed the children with it.  Many of the Recipes call for the odd bit of lemon, dash of cream or slug of wine.  This page links the left overs to recipes that you might enjoy.  
End piece of orange
End piece of lemon/ lime
Mashed potato
Pasta or noodles
Half bottle passata
Slug red/ white wine
Anchovy fillets
Half tin sweetcorn
Kale, brassica leaves, wilting leaves, spinach, spring greens