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Pasta with stilton sauce

Great for using up left over stilton that is a little too dry and crumbly for the cheese board.  Not so great when you are watching the scales or thinking of your arteries. Goes well with a sharp salad. 
  • pasta - enough for the appetites of those eating
  • small knob of butter and tiniest dash of olive oil
  • a couple of small spring onions, sliced
  • stilton - a reasonable quantity but less than will make you sick, as much as you can spare
  • dash cream
  • handful of rocket leaves or spinach
  • 1 tbsp toasted pine nuts or bashed up walnuts 
  • pepper
  1. First of all start to boil the pasta.
  2. Meanwhile, gently fry the spring onions.
  3. When they are golden, and just before the pasta is al dente, throw in the stilton, crumbled up.
  4. Add a dash of cream, single or double. Throw in a handful of rocket leaves and pine nuts/ walnuts. 
  5. Grind a good helping of pepper over. 
  6. Serve straight away.