Indian cold tea

We received a packet of Atemwa white tea antlers from Africa. Antlers are the stem which carry the leaves - pretty little sticks.  It is particularly effective and delicately tasty as Indian cold tea. I call it Indian cold tea because one of my Indian friends taught me how to make it.  The process is ecological (no boiling water, no ice) and economical (it uses just a pinch of tea). The result is gastronomical (it uses so little tea one can splurge on a really good one, and the gentle method brings out all the best in it).  Apart from the precise flavour, the tea is astonishingly powerful: wake up tea without the smash! Just right on a warm summer afternoon.  Chacha Ed, Switzerland
  • pinch of tea - either tea leaves or no more than half a dozen antlers
  • half litre cold water
  1. Put the pinch of tea in the old water.
  2. Leave to steep overnight.
  3. In the morning, fish out the antlers or tea leaves and put the jug in the fridge until the afternoon.
  4. Drink and enjoy.