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Fish and chips

This is great Friday night fare, which Mrs Doubtfire has learned and perfected - a perfect Dinner Lady's-night-off meal.  I try to use more sustainable fish such as pollack or cooley or dab, which we buy from our local fishmonger.  We like to squeeze lemon wedges over it and dip into tartare sauce for a traditional flavour. 


For the fish

  •  firm fish such as pollack or cooley cut into chunks.  Or softer fish such as a plaice or dab fillet - enough for everyone to have a good sized piece 
  • plain flour, seasoned with salt and pepper - enough to coat all the fish 
  • a large knob of butter and a little olive oil, to stop the butter burning 
For the chips
  •  potatoes, cut into chunks or wedges. You could even cut them into "chip" shape, but to me this seems more complicated
  •  olive oil 
  • seasoning:  either "exotic": Chinese 5 spice; or "aromatic": rosemary sprigs, lots of sea salt and garlic 
  1. Wash and cut up the potatoes.  Keep the skin on. This reduces waste, saves time, retains nutrients (I think...) and most of all, creates even more crispness. 
  2. Place in a roasting tray and sprinkle the seasoning on top depending on whether you are going for exotic or aromatic. Mix well - Mrs Doubtfire likes to do this Jamie style, getting his hands dirty.  
  3. Roast in a hot oven for about 45 minutes, or until the potatoes are soft in the middle, crisp on the outside. 
  4. About 15 minutes before the chips are ready, coat the fish in the seasoned plain flour.  Fry in the butter and olive oil, turning once, until the fish is cooked, but not overcooked and tough.  The thicker the fish, the longer this will take.  
  5. Serve with the chips.