Comments and feedback

November 2012

"I've just read your latest blog. It made me cry..Your writing is always honest, humorous and so engaging....You have had an impact on those around you. Whenever I throw any food away at the end of the week I feel very guilty (you'll be pleased to know it isn't very much..normally some rather tired lettuce head or unhealthy looking veg)...and when I feel very proud of my waste I actually think of you and think Dinner Lady would be proud" Jennifer, friend, mother of 2.  

August 2012

"I have fundamentally changed my shopping and cooking habits......I have been following the example of the 'Dinner Lady' - author of the blog Four and a half bellies. If anyone wants to know how to feed a family of four or more on a budget she is the lady to follow". Rachel Blain, Senior Advocate (Food), Which?, from her online conversation I saved £50 per month on food shopping - but is it enough? 

April 2012

"It's making me think about what's in my fridge...not throwing so much away...using stuff up rather than necessarily going to the shops to buy more. It's like I have Dinner Lady popping into my head and sitting on my shoulder."  Pam, Barnsley

In response to a blog being posted one day late, "What are you doing???!! If it's Tuesday I must have 4 1/2 bellies!!!" Eager Reader, Switzerland

"Great blog! Especially like the comment about re-using teabags on your unsuspecting husband. The recipes look good for singletons too - can just freeze more!" Kate, Brighton

March 2012

"Who says that GM might enable "production of sustainable food crops which might reduce the impact of agriculture on the world's environment" the GM companies themselves? Is there a shred of evidence that such crops are actually being developed? Or is GM really about selling the brand name herbicide that goes with the seed?" Concerned consumer, Geneva, in response to Genetically Modified Fartichokes

"Great blog! Ever since my son was born I've struggled with exactly the dilemmas that you're tackling. I remember going to the supermarket one evening when he was tiny and bumping into a colleague and shaking my head as I tried to explain how each item took me many minutes (minutes I felt I didn't have) to choose as I needed something ethical, local, not over packaged, good value, while being somewhere near the wholesome ed of the we've done the veg box thing, have an allotment and eaten many tins of (baked) beans along the way! Blog will be great fun to read and excellent guidance for just these dilemmas! Just contemplating dahl for tea....see you've got me thinking already!" Anne-Marie, mother of 2, Oxfordshire

"I just wanted to say that I have been reading your blog. I LOVE it! Congratulations. It's a big commitment and it looks like you have started in style. Go girl!" Free-ranger, Berkshire

"I love reading your's thought provoking, funny and comforting as Radio 4. Lovely to know there is a fellow dinner lady out there. It's good to feel represented by someone clever and funny too!" Alison, mother of 4, London

"I'm not on Face Book but I have shared the Dinner Lady site with several friends, all of whom have enjoyed it and book marked it. It is great and those of us 'of a certain age' are reliving earlier years. As we say in the States, "You go, Girl!" Grandmother of 2, California

February 2012

"Reading the blog is so funny - last May I started more or less the same thing! I do a weekly menu plan for us and the children - we still eat alone in the evenings for exactly the same reasons you do - though I have to admit we don't do local shops or organic - we can't afford to. I still provide hot lunches three times a week for the children at nursery as well as hot supper so that makes it a bit more complicated, but I rely heavily on a big cook up on Sundays to last a few days and use the freezer a lot. We  have cut down loads on waste, though it is the children who produce the most. Either i don't give them enough and end up having to improvise or cook more or I give them very small amounts and there are still leftovers. I think that is something about being 4 and 18 months old.  It is reinforcing to  know you are doing much the same and so reassuring to read your own similar struggles. " Working mother of 2, Norfolk

"The Roasted Chicken pieces - genius and delicious. Due to fussy child I added sausages aswell which were a hit and served up with mash and green beans.  
Keep the site up... it's great." Cath, from Brighton

In response to blog post Loin of squirrel, deep fried locusts and free range chicken noodle soup:
"I am disappointed in your discriminatory mud remarks. I ate potatoes in a delicious mud sauce in Peru!" Simon, Senegal

January 2012

"I love this and the challenge you have set the family. I intend to sign up for updates and share some ideas also. What a great idea!" Jac, Sussex

"Made your family favourite sausage casserole for four generations of my family tonight and was delighted to get the ultimate seal of approval from Great Granny herself! Thanks so much for the inspiration...I consider myself totally useless in the kitchen but have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs and can't wait to try out another of your yummy recipes soon!" Kathleen, mother of 2, Surrey

"I have just served up your spicy sausage casserole - went down pretty well with my girls who are not the greatest at trying new things - will definitely be making again - thank you", Mother of 3 girls, Warwickshire

“Impressive blog! I will say that I love the blog. It was kind of weird reading it as your rules, recipes etc are pretty much how we are leading our culinary life too.” Working mother of 2 from Oxfordshire, UK

“This is fab! I love it Dinner Lady! Will definitely keep an eye on how the four and a half bellies are doing...” Wendy from Cornwall

“Really love your candor and is a great resource for busy parents. I can see this really taking off!” Married working mother of 2 from USA

"This is like the ultimate new years resolution, very impressive. Definitely going to try your vegetarian shepherd's pie recipe.  Loved the 'meet the bellies' page too!" Jane, mother of 2