Rebellion: 7th-13th July

posted Jul 17, 2012, 12:07 PM by Dinner Lady
We have nearly had a mutiny this week at Four and a half bellies HQ. Or at least rebellion in the ranks. On Thursday I opened the bin to put something in it and found, to my horror and disbelief, rather a lot of bread in it.  I accused the usual suspects, no one has owned up and it remains a source of irritation for me as I feel that all my control has ended up with the bread. 

I have worked really hard to ensure that healthy(ish) meals, cooked from scratch (subject to certain redefinitions in Ready Meals) have arrived at the right time to the right people on our family kitchen table.  This is despite spending most of the working week out in paid employment or writing this blog.  To achieve this I have either stayed up late cooking several days worth of food in one evening (see Tuesday night, where I cooked a record four meals) or delegated the chore out to a willing volunteer (Mrs Doubtfire was nominated, being the only other person in the family at the moment who is capable of working the cooker safely).   By Wednesday night I was left feeling that I had a choice of either running myself into the ground, or delegating more often. I have chosen to delegate. But there I have another choice. I can mourn the extra waste that ends up in the bin when Mrs Doubtfire either attacks the job of chopping the veggies with less finesse than a grizzly bear might or decides to purge the bread bin, the fruit bowl and the left overs shelf (what, I wonder, will happen to me when I start to wilt and wrinkle?); I can tut when the kitchen floor and hob end up dirtier than they were to start with; and I can moan about the extra washing up when pretty much every utensil is used in the process. But that would be ungrateful and spoilt, and so I have worked really hard to appreciate a husband who has jumped to my side when he was called upon and served up several delicious, home cooked meals.  After all, he is out of practice, and I don't think I would have done nearly as good a job had I volunteered to take on his role at his work place.  
I have to confess now, that I have also rebelled against the Rules and Regulations somewhat.  In no way have we stuck to budget. After our supermarket blow out last week, it is clear that there is no way we will stick to budget this month. This has led to my "two fingers up at the budget" attitude this week.  Finding the bread in the bin has left me wondering how much else is ending up there without my knowledge and wondering, frankly, why I make such an effort when the efforts aren't shared by us all.  By Thursday I spent the day lusting after a steak so badly, that I dispatched Mrs Doutfire, who was working from home, to buy the said offending and very unethical items.  I am not pregnant, and so can only presume that my preoccupation with red meat stems from a need in my body to gobble up missing nutrients. It is exhausting trying to be good. 

Waste not want not

I don't feel it is fair to list this week, as I don't think it would be a fair reflection on what might have ended up there. I have thrown away a few ends of crusts and a few tsp of food off PB's plate each meal.  


Again, I feel I have lost control and have bought so many small bits and bobs, delegated some of the shopping and have forgotten to keep a record of it all.  Certainly we have spent more than £70.