Moderately healthy: 12th-18th May

posted May 29, 2012, 8:18 AM by Dinner Lady
Having written several recipes down this week that call for "a large knob of butter" or "a generous splash of cream", I started wondering how healthy our "healthy (ish)" Four and a half bellies diet actually is.  On the healthy side of the see saw I would argue that our diet is low in salt, sugar, preservatives, additives and E numbers.  We eat very little red or processed meat, having drastically reduced the amount of sausages, ham and salami we consume, much to Maths Geek's dismay.  We eat lots of fruit and vegetables. In fact over night visitors have commented on the boys' zealous appetite for fruit, laughing when they tick us off if we forget to start our breakfast without it. And yet I cannot be confident that our diet is as healthy as it should be, as it is easy to make assumptions about what is and what is not good to eat.  
When Maths Geek was about two years old, I took him to the health visitor, as he had a constantly runny tummy.  I had rationalised that a viral bug would have worked its way out of his system within a couple of months and so I worried what could be wrong.  The health visitor questioned me carefully, and then asked what his diet was like. Questions from medical professionals about the children's diet and routines generally make me rather defensive, so I stood taller, looked her in the eye and told her it was very healthy, thank you very much. I went on in detail about the amount of fruit and vegetables that he smeared into his mouth and face, how he preferred brown and wholewheat bread to white and how he loved munching his crusts.  My smug expression was blown away, when the health visitor advised me that this was actually not such a healthy diet for a digestive system so immature as his. She told me that if I plugged him up with smaller portions of fruit and a few slices of fluffy white bread his tummy would settle. It did, and it made me realise that healthy diets are not always what they seem.

Waste not want not

rotten or gone off - 1 1/2 slices bread, plus little bits of mouldy crust I have had to trim: I have been taken by surprise by the heat and forgotten how it speeds up the moulding process

left on our plates - 1 tbsp PB lunch, a few bites of crust from PB, 1 tbsp spinach from MG

left overs I have forgotten to use up -none!

tragic loss - 2 cups juice from peach tin that I had saved for MG and TNK to drink at supper was thrown away by a very well meaning Mrs Doubtfire who was trying to tidy up


Carry forward          £319.43
Local supermarket      £54.99
Vegetable box          £21.25
Butcher                £15.74
Total May so far       £411.41

Oh dear. We have gone totally over budget this month. The unscheduled service station stop and a bit of fun by way of meals out or naughty picnic food seems not to be possible on such a strict budget. And May is not even out....