Loin of squirrel, deep fried locusts and free range chicken noodle soup: 21st-27th January

posted Jan 31, 2012, 5:52 AM by Dinner Lady   [ updated May 29, 2012, 3:46 AM ]
Which of the above meals might make it onto the menu of your local, cutting edge, ethical-eating gastro-pub?  The answer, actually, might need to be "all of them".   I have been reading an increasing number of newspaper articles about finding more sustainable alternatives to what we are currently eating, particularly when it comes to meat, if we are to feed our planet's exploding population. Locusts and other bugs are said to be nutritious, environmentally friendly because of their relatively low greenhouse gas emissions and the fact they feed on waste.  While eating bugs and insects is common place in other countries and Celebrity Get Me out of Here, it is, frankly, something that makes my stomach turn.  Grey squirrel is said to be the new up and coming British cuisine, 2012's answer to sliced bread or banoffee pie.  It is readily available and would kill two rodents with one stone, providing nutrition for a meat-obsessed society as well as culling this pest.  Again, I would rather eat mud. I think.  
There is so much psychology involved with our tastes. Why does my stomach crave beef steak, chicken breast and plaice fillet. Yet I go green around the gills at the thought of eating squirrel, seagull or eel.  Meat options such as oxtail, livers, kidneys are full of nutrition, full of flavour, cheap and use all the animal.  Perfect for the Four and a half bellies' challenge, yet why do I balk at them and they remain off my shopping list?  When I was a precocious ten year old I went to an all ages party with my family. I helped myself to, and scoffed with pleasure, a particular dish, a beautifully impressive purply colour. I asked my hostess what it was and ran to the toilets immediately when I found out it was octopus salad.  How funny our brains are.  While I might consign liver to Room 101, Gigi, would think I was crazy: she is a great fan of fried liver, mashed potato and caramelised onion.  A friend of mine would tip a netful of fresh squid down the sewers, yet squid in all manner of recipes are a firm favourite with the Four and a half bellies.    

rotten or gone off - 1 pear 

left on our plates - crusts from The Naughty Knight; several tsp of Princess Baby’s mush and finger food  - how ever little I serve her, she seems to eat less

left overs I have forgotten to use up - 2 tbsp mashed potato


Carry forward           £271.13

Supermarket             £78.19
Vegetable box           £19.40
Butcher                 £10.00

Total January so far    £378.72
Oh dear - big overspend already and January not quite over. Realise that much as I'd like to, we can't afford to shop at local grocer and nice new 'seasonal and local' food shop in town - just too expensive.  Will rely on vegetable box which is good value and twice month supermarket shop