Life is sweet: 31st Dec-6th Jan 2012

posted Jan 9, 2012, 1:22 PM by Dinner Lady   [ updated May 9, 2012, 6:03 AM ]
2011 fizzled out with an early night but 2012 started with a culinary bang. Having been up most of the previous few nights with Princess Baby, who was trying to grab any morsel of food her tiny hands could reach and downing milk like her father downs beer, we decided it was time.  Time to start weaning her onto real food.  This is such an exciting yet nerve racking time, anxiously wondering what tit bits she will enjoy, what vegetables she would push out with her tongue.  Looking forward to her joining us at the dining table and finally experiencing the joys of food with us.  Yet slightly sad at this timely reminder that the days, weeks and months are passing so quickly.  

All four and a half bellies gathered with excitement and trepidation at our favourite cafe for a last holiday treat after a refreshing walk. Coffee, croissants and hot chocolate for us four whole bellies. Baby food for our little half.  I recalled the rather explosive green effect that a whole sweet potato had on Maths Geek when he first tasted food.  Not to be repeated, I played it safe and bought her some organic baby rice. Tasteless, bland looking, but reassuringly simple.  She enjoyed it, sort of, probably just as pleased to be sitting up at the table, joining in, as actually eating. 

I can't say it has been a resounding success, nor an unprecedented disaster.  Given we bellies are neither Socialist Red nor Tory Blue but somewhere in between, it will come as no surprise that we are taking a rather mixed approach to weaning. Taking aspects of Baby Led Weaning finger food, while at the same time giving her opportunities to suck up mush off a plastic spoon. And as with most things to do with the third child, much more relaxed about it than before. So relaxed in fact I allowed Gigi to spoon feed her milk and sugar filled rice pudding with strawberry jam on Day 6.  

Sweet potato has definitely been a winner, although sadly imported from abroad. This begs the question, do I persist with the unpopular seasonal apple or satisfy my Princess' whims for the tropical?  And what, I hear you ask, am I doing with imported sweet potato in my larder in the first place? On the advice of the health visitor, who was offering suggestions to try and curb Princess Baby's appetite for milk and prevent her percentile weight dropping any further, I had nipped into our local express supermarket to buy these imported nuggets of gold. 
As well as the messy task of weaning, this week took me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, sorting through Princess Baby's 0-6 month clothes.  A medley of pinks and lilacs, splashes of flowers and hearts, colour and pattern I am not used to with boys.  And the most beautiful little dresses so cleverly handsewn by Mrs Doubtfire's mother, impossible to give away, now waiting until we have grandchildren.  
Perhaps it is noticing the passing of the months, perhaps the start of a new year. Or perhaps just sheer exhaustion or the cold wind. But there has been a tear in my eye several times this week as I realise how quickly our Princess Baby is growing up.  Darling little girl, I look forward to sharing many thousands of meals with you. May your life be sweet and your belly always full.

 rotten or gone off - half pear

left on our plates - 6 tbsp off The Naughty Knight’s plate

left overs I have forgotten to use up - 4 tbsp pasta, 4 tbsp onion sauce - I was not imaginative enough to create a new dish with this!


Supermarket shop:    £129.62
(to stock up on tins,packets etc)

Overspend            £59.62