Leaving food: 15th-21st September

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I think in cafes your parents & the staff at the cafe should give you small portions because most of the children at the cafes leave their main course & start eating their dessert. I don't like people leaving their food. There are 3 reasons. 1 in other countries some people don't have enough money to buy their food and they go hungry. 2. it is bad for the environment and 3. it is unhealthy because the desserts are usually sugary. By Maths Geek

Ideas, words and most of the spelling by Maths Geek (aged 6 years old); complicated spelling by spellchecker and Dinner Lady; last line and a half dictated by a rather weary Maths Geek ("for some children writing is very boring") and typed by Mrs Doubtfire.

Weekly menu

Sat 15th - breakfast: toast with Maths Geek spread 

         - lunch: cream of chicken soup (made and frozen last week and defrosted from freezer 15 minutes before lunch) 

          - supper: tandoori chicken, red onion chutney and pilau rice 

Sun 16th - lunch: pesto pasta 

           - supper: poached and roasted gammon, baby potatoes roasted with garlic and rosemary from patio; steamed carrots and broad beans; upside down peach and chocolate cake for pudding 

Mon 17thlunch: (PB) left over fish and pasta from Fri night

          (me and friend) cream of roasted tomato soup, bread, cheeses, olives and baby tomatoes 

           - supper: aubergine and tomato bake (no anchovies) with left over pilau rice from Sat 

Tues 18th - lunch (PB & NP) left over aubergine and tomato bake 

            - supper: (kids) boiled egg, soldiers, olives, baby tomatoes 

            (us) cold gammon slices with red lentils which had been cooked slowly in the gammon stock with the left over carrots and broad beans from Sun - this was a tip from my friend - absolutely delicious! 

Weds 19th - lunch: (PB & NP) cold gammon with the left over red lentils from last night 

           - supper: (kids) cream of roasted tomato soup, bread rolls 

              (us) pasta with stilton sauce and salad 

Thurs 20th - lunch: (PB) pasta with stilton sauce and cucumber slices 

             - supper: Autumnal warmer, brown rice and salad 

Fri 21st  - lunch: left over Autumnal warmer 

          - supper: (kids) macaroni cheese 

             (us) steak, boiled new potatoes, steamed broccoli (I am ashamed of this meal - spent the whole day looking for a new car for long and convoluted reasons - had no time to get a meal prepped and cooked before I went out for the evening, so I ended up DRIVING to a SUPERMARKET and buying STEAK. It was delicious though).  

Maths Geek "The tomato soup was Yum Yum Yummy".  Maths Geek created a drink called Maths Geek's green Water.  

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