Great expectations: 23rd-29th June

posted Jul 3, 2012, 12:14 PM by Dinner Lady   [ updated Jul 10, 2012, 3:18 AM ]
While I know I like my wine glass filled to the brim, when it comes to my approach to life, I sometimes wonder whether I am a glass half full or glass half empty kind of girl.  I am generally optimistic, preferring to see the positive in people and tend to have a "can do" approach to life. On the other hand, my dramatic flair sometimes leads me to create a crisis out of a drama.  And this weekend's trip away to celebrate my aunt's birthday party came to prove that when you expect less, you gain more.  That, surely, is glass half empty kind of thinking. 

I had been looking forward to the party for such a long time.  A chance to celebrate my gorgeous aunt's birthday in style.  A chance to spend time with relatives whom we seldom see but whose company we enjoy. And a chance to have fun as a family of five, thankful that Mrs Doubtfire can now switch off during weekends, now all his written assignments for his diploma have been handed in.  What the boys were looking forward to most was the hog roast.  One crispy carcass encapsulating their love of pork and crackling, their interest in where meat comes from, their pyrotechnic curiosity and their fascination of cooking.  The party itself was all that and more, and we had a ball. 
My parents had generously offered for us all to stay in a motel that night so that we would not have to face the long journey back home in the evening and so we could spend more time with my aunt and our relatives.  I have to admit though, that I was expecting a ghastly night. Five of us sleeping on top of each other in a noisy roadside inn with nowhere to go in the evening and all the kids snoring, tossing and turning was not my idea of fun.  But the noisy roadside inn ended up being tucked right away from the motorway, the beds were comfy and the rooms large and airy.  It was a very friendly place where the staff went out of their way to accommodate our every whim. There was a restaurant on site, and Mrs Doubtfire was happy to look after the children with room service and Euro 2012 while my parents and I caught up in the restaurant.  Although I don't think there was an ethical option on the menu, it didn't seem to matter because the food was served with a smile and care, and several medicinal whiskeys were consumed.   We had very little sleep because of mine and The Noble Knight's wheezing and sneezing due to a heavy cold on my part and a chest infection and asthma on TNK's part. But it didn't detract from our enjoyment of the night, because I loved just lying so close to those I love most in the world.  I expected little, and enjoyed a lot. 

Waste not want not

rotten or gone off - 1 orange

left on our plates - TNK 2 crusts from Tues breakfast; bits and bobs off PB's plates most meals

left overs I have forgotten to use up - 1 potato

I need to do more portion control with PB's meals - she keeps leaving a few tsps every meal.  


Carry forward:        £294.41
Local supermarkets     £29.16
Vegetable box         £21.50
Total June          £ 349.07

Not thinking that Thursday's curry and Sunday's American diner money came out of socialising budget, we have almost stuck to our £303 budget.  But does this mean I have fiddled our expenses?