Feasting and fasting: 18th-24th February

posted Feb 28, 2012, 5:04 AM by Dinner Lady   [ updated May 10, 2012, 1:38 AM ]
On Tuesday morning Maths Geek reminded me that it was pancake day. "Wrong week," I replied, thinking it was last week.  "But school told us it is pancake day. Ask google. Google knows everything". A child of the year 2012 if ever there was one.  And there ensued a long and interesting conversation about what it is to know something.  Google told me that my son was indeed correct and we spent the day looking forward to some fun pancake flipping in the evening and thinking about what we might give up for lent.

Maths Geek cleverly calculated that giving up wine would be a challenge he could easily achieve. The Naughty Knight told me that he would give up courgettes, crisps, chocolate, cakes and cheese (how alliterative). I will eat a bowl full of brain if he succeeds with the latter four, and not impressed if he cuts out courgettes, given they are not in season and he hates them.  Princess Baby will forgo the several cheesy watsits looking carrot sticks that she routinely devours at every meal time as I am worried she has become slightly too addicted to them.  And as for Mrs Doubtfire and me? Just like each year he is giving up alcohol and I am giving up biscuits and cakes.  And just like each year, our lack of will power will get the better of us and we will have failed miserably before our 40 days are up.   
While some succeed at their fasting pledges, and others fail miserably, it is probably a worthwhile endeavour.  Our attempts at giving up unseasonal vegetables have taught us alot, even though we cheat at it by eating these when we go to other people's houses or when they mysteriously turn up in our vegetable box.  

A month or so ago, I defrosted a ratatouille that I had lovingly placed in the freezer towards the end of September, thinking I could enjoy the pepper, courgette and aubergine sunshine on a rainy day. But having been frozen they were watery and tasteless, the meal succeeding only because of the large amounts of garlic and herbs I used to flavour it.  I vowed then that I would't eat a courgette at home until they are growing in our garden and locality again, because then I would be able to experience the true flavour these vegetables can give.  And the anticipation over the next few months will make them all the more special. 

People fast or abstain from certain foods for a variety of reasons: to make a political statement; on medical grounds; as a personal challenge, such as the post-Christmas detox; as part of a religious ritual. In fact most religions have some sort of rite which is related to the going without and then the feasting on food.  Interestingly, though, many Quakers believe that they should eat simply every day of the year, and therefore do not mark lent. For whatever reason, going without certain foods is a good reminder that the vast majority of the world goes without every day.  

rotten or gone off - none

left on our plates - lots from Princess Baby's plate - she is just so unpredictable in what and how much she eats; lots of left over crusts on boys' plates - am now giving them a quarter of a slice of bread/toast at a time, and they can have the next quarter when they have eaten the crusts up

left overs I have forgotten to use up - none!

Quite a good week, all in all - I guess having been away and used all the remnants in the fridge, there was not a lot to go off. 


Carry forward          £257.22
Vegetable box           £19.40
Supermarket             £70.39
Total February so far   £347.01