Comfort food: 3rd-9th March

posted Mar 14, 2012, 5:23 AM by Dinner Lady   [ updated May 10, 2012, 1:41 AM ]
On Sunday morning, The Naughty Knight went back to bed after half an hour of being awake. In that half an hour he must have said "Yes, Mum" at least five times.  Both these events being rather out of character, Mrs Doubtfire and I began to worry, and by lunch time our suspicions were confirmed. Some sort of non-specific bug had defeated our brave knight, giving him a temperature, drenching his pyjamas and leaving him rather feeble.  Three days of a very bid-able, quiet and calm boy followed, but we missed our Naughty Knight.  Longing for his return, I turned my thoughts to how I might sustain him as his appetite had diminished.  
I tend to have an "anything goes" policy when anyone is ill.  I am a great believer in "our body knows best" when it comes to food (apart from when it comes to my obsession for cake, biscuits and luxury chocolates) so I tend to trust the children's instincts. If they fancy jelly for breakfast, lunch and supper, then jelly it is. Although in this case, having no jelly, I turned to a packet of chocolate blancmange, knowing how much The Naughty Knight loves chocolate.  I let them eat what they want, when they want it and if they leave some on the plate I turn a blind eye. 

The Naughty Knight's meal planner for those few days reads something like this: "nothing, yoghurt, nothing, fruit scones, nothing, soup, hot chocolate, nothing, chocolate and strawberry milkshake, black currant squash, nothing, ice cream".  He tended to want to eat whenever we had finished our meal, or when food was served to him individually, on a tray, in our bed or on the sofa.  Wrapped in his dressing gown, covered by my duvet, he loved being Little Lord Fauntleroy.  

It is tempting to ensure that children are eating enough and that what they are eating is nutritious when they have a common old cold or a tummy bug.  But I feel I must feed their soul and spirits when they are not well and rely on the fact that they have many reserves upon which they can draw for nutrients. Soups, soft sweet fruit and generally anything that is easy to get into the mouth, easy to chew and easy to digest are welcome.  Badt-e-badt is a great winner for sore tummies and post vomitting weaning.  Mashed potato, topped with cheddar cheese and sliced tomato, and then grilled is another comforting post-illness meal.  My friend emailed me this week and by coincidence her children were both ill.  It was reassuring to hear she has just the same approach and her two were enjoying dipping breadsticks into chocolate spread for breakfast.  How delicious.  

rotten or gone off - half tub taramasalata; half can kidney beans from chilli; half tin pate; half pot of breadcrumbs, which Mrs D had made, but had not dried out properly, so they went green and furry.....

left on our plates - endless spoonfuls off Princess Baby's plate. Just can't get portions right, because her appetite changes by the hour

left overs I have forgotten to use up - 4 ramekins of chocolate blancmange - made them for TNK as I thought they would be good sick food, but nobody liked it so they languished in our fridge until I threw them out. I probably should have done the honourable thing and eaten them up. Will not buy again.   

This was a bad waste week - will not buy taramasalata again or other "luxury" snack items - I always seem to throw them away.  


Carry forward          £ 150.25
Butcher                £ 26
Local shop             £ 1.69
Supermarket            £ 29.27
Veggie box             £ 19.40
Total March so far     £226.61