Celebratory whiskeys: 5th-11th May

posted May 15, 2012, 12:32 PM by Dinner Lady
It had been an otherwise dull day in all respects. I had worked hard on the blog post about the ethics of eating meat, had posted it, but felt rather flat.  Princess Baby has been on the move in the last few weeks, escaping from her play pen and trying to leap out of her highchair. She is disgruntled by her own lack of mobility and language (she would rather be running, jumping and climbing) and spends too much time fussing, flapping her arms and crying when I haven't the time to help her with these aspirations.  I am finding fewer opportunities to write this blog, the days of Princess Baby lying serenely beside me, happy to be thrown a soft toy or a smile from time to time, are well behind me.  Sometimes, when I am at my computer all by myself,  I wonder if people are really reading, and if they are, I wonder if they enjoy it?  In four weeks time I return to paid employment.   And my big preoccupation, a question that turns around and around in my mind at all sorts of hours of the day and night, is:  how on earth will I possibly manage to continue to investigate food issues, cook, write and turn myself out to paid employment, let alone spend quality time with my beloved bellies or even dream of having a social life?
Imagine my delight when, checking my email after putting the kids to bed on Tuesday night, I found out that Four and a half bellies had been shortlisted for the blog category of the Observer Ethical Awards 2012! One cannot celebrate such a thing all alone and rather than wake up the three little bellies who were snoring gently, I called the one person I needed to tell, Mrs Doubtfire, and urged him to come home immediately.  On his arrival, several large tumblers of whiskey were consumed to celebrate and calm my shaky nerves, something I knew my father would approve. Phone calls were made to grandparents and other relatives to ask if they were free to look after the children while we attend the award party; and I checked the email several times to check that I had read it right....

Given my gloomy mood, this was just the right time to hear such wonderful news. As luck would have it, I had a meeting with our Green councillor the following night to plan a local anti food waste campaign and so these two events have really energised me.  

Waste not want not

Rotten or gone off 1 small slice Herman cake (he still resides with us); 1 kiwi that was fizzing and green - time for the bin; small corner of bread; 2 slices bread

left on our plates 8-10 tbsp PB's food; 2 slices apple (a friend's daughter left this; 2 bites of crust from Mrs Doubtfire!!!!

left overs I have forgotten to use up - to my shame I found a whole bowl of left over braised beetroot, carrot and celery from Sunday 29th April, so thought I ought to throw it out 

This has not been a good waste week, I think I got too sure of myself after last week's success; also, I had a heavy cold and felt quite ill last week, and I think I was not good at spotting food and eating it before it turned fizzy. Excuses, excuses, excuses...no gold stars for me this week. 


Carry forward          £179.35
Local supermarket      £3.86
Vegetable box          £19.40
Lunches out            £45.47
Total May so far       £248.08