Carnage: 8th-14th September

posted Sep 17, 2012, 12:21 PM by Dinner Lady   [ updated Sep 18, 2012, 11:59 AM ]
The atmosphere was tense. A red mess oozed over the floor, real carnage. The area was cordoned off with a Police Danger ribbon. The spectators stood far enough away for the policeman's liking, but were craning their necks to have a look at the horrific sight.  And then I caught sight of the clock and realised that if I let Maths Geek carry on like this supper would never get cooked.  

Over the last few weeks tempers have been frayed here at Four and a half bellies HQ: Maths Geek is exhausted with return to school; The Noble Knight is nervous about his impending school start and Princess Baby has got an acute attack of the dreaded Separation Anxiety.  Mrs Doubtfire is working harder than ever, and when he is home, is preoccupied by his final assignment for his diploma.  As for me, I am confused about which days I am a mum, which days I should dress respectably for paid employment and have no idea as to which member of the family needs me most.  On Sunday night I felt like I was meeting no ones needs, least of all mine, and so I thought a good ole family cook up might cheer us and bring us together.  Little did I dream it would turn into the cock up it did.
From his earliest days Maths Geek and I have enjoyed cooking together.  As early as 6 months he would sit in his high chair and wave a wooden spoon while I mixed cake ingredients and we would babble away together.  A few months later he was promoted to the important job of banging the spoon in the mixture and then a few months later to laying out the cup cake holders, just the right size for his chubby little mitts, on a baking tray.   I remember making the weekly Victoria Sponge with my father when I was growing up, and it was a spectacle, watching this sloppy sweet mixture transform, as if by magic, into a light and airy cake.  Cooking with a parent was also a magical time, being an opportunity to have undivided adult attention and the responsibility of cooking for the rest of the family. 

Hoping to recreate some of that magic, on Monday night I sat with the boys and we scoured the children's recipe books for something that the boys fancied cooking.  The Noble Knight, aka Pasta Monster, chose a simple spaghetti recipe calling for bacon rashers (a rare treat), olives (delectable), sun dried tomatoes (we had a few sitting in the bottom of an opened jar, waiting to be finished off), passata (always available, as if on tap) and spring onions (thankfully a few left).  Princess Baby sat in her high chair and was given a spoon and the job of the principal taster: a tiny bit of each item was presented to her to check it was fit for human consumption and she seemed happy with this role and allowed us to get on with the food preparation.  Maths Geek was in charge of reading the recipe and also given the role of chief measurer.  The Noble Knight offered to fetch the said ingredients, open the jars and chop. I was allowed to grill the bacon and occasionally manage the project by offering my more experienced perspective.

Waste not want not

Rotten or gone off - 2 slices bread

Left on our plates -  PB: 2 tbsp cereal; 2 tbsp lasagna; half ham sandwich; TNK 1/4 ham sandwich; small piece of cheese MG 5 piggies satsuma (too tart)

left overs I have forgotten to use up - 1 tbsp smoked mackerel gratin from last week; 2 tbsp rice; 2 tbsp lasagna; 2 tbsp marrow chunks in cheese sauce: these are pathetic amounts to have as left overs, so I shall encourage everyone to try to eat a little more.  

I was right last week: we had not been logging all that we threw away and so this week is a more realistic picture of our food waste.  On the plus side, I saved 3 tortillas from the bin by keeping them in the fridge and not being afraid of using them on Friday despite them being open for at least a week.


Supermarket:           £49.66

Vegetable box:         £22.50

Total Sept so far:     £205.30