A meat fest: 5th-11th November

posted Nov 23, 2011, 5:27 AM by Dinner Lady   [ updated May 9, 2012, 5:57 AM by Dinner Lady ]
Sausage casserole
Mrs Doubtfire could be renamed as Mr Meat and Two Veg.  This week he has been very pleased with the abundance of pork, chicken and beef that has arrived on the dining table, albeit surprised, given our family's challenge to eat less meat. My excuses:

I had planned an internet shop to arrive on Tuesday, but our internet access has been very intermittent. So what was supposed to arrive with a click of a button, saving me time, hassle, energy and my aching feet, ended up with several tense conversations with a call centre in India and a walk to my friend's house to avail myself of her computer.  Therefore rather than having time to plan a proper week's menu, I clicked on all sorts of familiar items and ended up with a lot of meat.

On Monday my father showed up for lunch, having been in China when we last visited my parent's home.  Racked with guilt he arrived laden with green plastic bags from our favourite food shop.  Brimming with smoked salmon, organic roasted chicken legs, and a smorgersboard of cold meats.  There was no way that The Naughty Knight, he and I could finish it all, and so it sat smirking in our fridge, tempting us daily.  The sell by dates (which for meat, I do follow strictly), compelled us to have a meat fest this week.  

Whenever I have given birth I have been rewarded a few days later by a four hour visit from my parents.  They are the perfect post baby visitors. They arrive not a second before it is convenient, armed with goodies that were banned from the pregnancy diet - smoked salmon, an abundance of shell fish, chilled bubbly, pates and cold meats and a brie that is ripe for running away.  Perfect foods for picking up with your fingers so that feeding the baby is still easy.  An incentive to get pregnant and go through childbirth if ever I saw one.  

My father is the ultimate feminist, prioritising my career and wellbeing and at first seeing the tiny moles that Mrs Doubtfire and I have produced as barriers towards my cerebral fulfillment.  Once the moles become more conversant human beings he, of course, falls in love with them.  When I told my family that I was pregnant with The Naughty Knight, only nine months after Maths Geek arrived he was the most enthusiastic, my mother and sister thinking I was crazy.  My father's logic?  Wasn't I being efficient - now I could put the baby making days behind me and get on with my career.  How disappointed in my career planning he must have been when we went for a third.  Maybe that is the reason for his latest visit - a male conspiracy.  For him to show me that these luxurious foods are entirely possible out side of childbirth. And for Mrs Doubtfire to indulge in a mountain of meat.  


Sat 5th  - lunch: cheese sandwiches at cinema followed by pesto pasta and salad at home   

         - supper: sausage casserole, baked potatoes and broccoli - for us and our friends

Sun 6th - breakfast: Mexican scrambled egg with hash browns made from yesterday’s potatoes 

         - lunch: roast beef hotpot, mashed potato & celeriac, profiteroles for pudding (bought buy our friends last night) 

         - supper: odds and sods winter soup 

Mon 7th - lunch: cold meats, bread and salad 

         - supper: (kids) scrambled egg on toast     

                  (us) pork goulash from freezer, rice and broccoli 

Tues 8th - lunch: leek and potato soup 

           - supper: jacket potato, cold meats and cheese 

Weds 9th  - lunch: leek and potato soup 

            - supper: steak and ale pie using left over beef from hotpot, broccoli 

Thurs 10th - lunch: salami in pitta bread 

            - supper: fish pie (with prawns, gherkins and capers in) and frozen peas 

Fri 11th    - lunch: sausages, mash and baked beans for The Naughty Knight and his playmate 

            - supper: Chinese takeaway with inlaws

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