Convenience food: 22nd-28th October

posted Nov 22, 2011, 12:37 PM by Dinner Lady   [ updated May 9, 2012, 5:53 AM by Dinner Lady ]
We are all streaming with cold and have been for some weeks now. Mrs Doubtfire's commute to his course is taking its toll. Maths Geek is nearing half term and is super tetchy.  However hard I try I never seem to get it right.  And I have reached the night feeding equivalent of The Wall that I have heard marathon runners talk about. In that sometimes (particularly at 3am, when it is icy cold and the walk from my room to Princess Baby's cot does seem like 26 miles) I feel that I cannot go on with these midnight trysts.  With demands growing and my energy levels and patience ebbing fast, the last few weeks have been about convenience food.  

After last Saturday's breakfast party I cashed in and managed to persuade Mrs Doubtfire to take us all out to our favourite Chinese restaurant for lunch.  Now I realise that this does not meet the criteria for feeding a family for under £80 a week. But this lunch will come out of a separate slush fund budget. MPs in Westminster should not be the only ones allowed to fiddle their expenses...

Convenience food comes in many forms though. Cooking extra large quantities and freezing for later emergencies is certainly convenient and economical. And makes a lovely gift.  My friend is due to give birth to her third child any minute now and does not like cooking at the best of times. I took delight in offering her Moroccan chicken, Spanish pork or mince and delivering to her very grateful husband without exerting more effort than a quick rummage through the freezer.  

But the ultimate in convenience food came at the weekend when I packed the kids and me up to my parents for half term. There food arrives regularly and with love; hot and tasty; with no preparation or clearing away on my part. Menus that were served up when I was a child: milk jellies, macaroni cheese, roast lamb with onion sauce ( ALWAYs creamier and sweeter when Gigi cooks it). Nostalgia on a plate. Now what can be more convenient than that? 


Sat 22nd - away at parents 

Sun 23rd - away at parents 

           - supper: soup from freezer 

Mon 23rd - lunch: tinned tuna (line caught) and red onion warmed wrap 

            - snack: banana bread, using some very black looking bananas

           - supper: vegetable bake 

Tues 25th - lunch: tinned tuna (line caught) and red onion warmed wrap 

           - supper: (kids) fishfingers, baked beans and mashed potato 

               (us) Gigi’s roasted chicken pieces, roast potatoes, steamed curly kale, lemon surprise pudding 

Weds 26th  - lunch: ham sandwich 

             - supper (kids) pasta with tomato and red pepper sauce, stewed apple for pudding

             (us - plus Gigi and my aunt) chickpea curry and Thanna's daal 

Thurs 27th  - lunch: warmed wraps with ham and cheese, left over curry 

             - supper: stuffed marrow with mince from freezer, rice and left over baked beans 

Fri 28th     - lunch: spaghetti carbonara, using left over cream from Tuesday and left over ham 

              - supper: (kids) chickpea, butternut squash and sweet potato soup 

              (us) chicken, broccoli and red pepper stir fry

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