The way to my men's heart: 1st-7th October

posted Nov 22, 2011, 11:53 AM by Dinner Lady   [ updated May 9, 2012, 5:37 AM by Dinner Lady ]
On Sunday we were lying on the beach sweltering in the sun. We even swam in the sea, and for a magical ten minutes, thanks to a snoozing Princess Baby and a pair of boys who played happily with their water guns, Mrs Doubtfire and I were allowed to swim together by ourselves. A hark back to that distant memory of tropical holidays together where time pressures were unknown.  We had barbecued the day before and it was hard to believe that we were in Autumn.  

By Tuesday the wind and rain had arrived, washing the last rays of sunshine and our warm feelings away.  Maths Geek came home from school feeling grumpy.  Complaining of the noise in the playground and the increasing amounts of work to do in Year 1.  Mrs Doubtfire had embarked on the first week of his new diploma, entailing a new concept - the train commute.  
With pressures bearing down on us, I decided that we could all get through this transition of seasons if we each knew one of our firm favourites would appear on the menu.  What a delight to hear The Naughty Knight acclaim "Boiled eggs? I LOVE boiled eggs!". Simple things.  And Maths Geek counted down the days till his favourite sausage casserole would be dished up, telling The Naughty Knight on a daily basis how many night sleeps there were before Friday.  

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, I have heard.  So true. And so to my three men, little and large, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.  These pages are for you, my purpose for cooking.