A Welsh loss: 15th-21st October

posted Nov 22, 2011, 12:12 PM by Dinner Lady   [ updated May 9, 2012, 5:55 AM by Dinner Lady ]
Wales got through to the Rugby World Cup semi-finals. Yes, I shall repeat that. Wales got through to the Rugby World Cup semi-finals.  I am not a rugby fanatic, but I live with one. A Welsh one. So this is big (and surprising) news indeed.  There was an air of excitement and anticipation as we all woke up on Saturday morning, Mrs Doubtfire having been awake with nerves since the early hours.

By 8am the house was filled with red, anxious,Celtic bodies, all ready for the prematch build up. By 9am Maths Geek and The Naughty Knight were breakfasted and thrilled to hear they could watch whatever movie they fancied.  Do anything, in fact, as long as they let us watch The Match.  Princess Baby was fed and swaddled in bed and I had cooked up a special Welsh breakfast for the fans.  

Bubble and Leek. Welsh Daffodils (a circular mound of scrambled egg, lovingly surrounded with nachos to make the petals), with Dragons' tongues (AKA bacon).  I have to admit that I was rather impressed by my kitchen goddess skills.  My reward?  "No-one wants this nouveux cuisine stuff," grumbled Mrs Doubtfire as he took over and slopped the scrambled eggs all haphazard onto his plate.  I learned that rugby fanatics are just that. Next time I shall stick to the game, leave my artistic flair behind me and serve up a traditional fried breakfast. Bubble and squeak, scrambled eggs and bacon.  But what ever you call it, it cannot make up for the tragic Welsh loss.  


Sat 15th - breakfast: Welsh breakfast 

          - lunch: out for Dim Sum

          - supper: left overs                                          

Sun 16th - breakfast: porridge 

          - lunch: out to inlaws 

          - supper: onion soup 

Mon 17th - lunch: ham and cheese baguette, cucumber and carrot sticks 

           - supper: jacket potatoes with mushrooms in white sauce and grated cheese 

Tues 18th - breakfast: stewed plums 

            - lunch: ham and cheese baguette with sweetcorn 

            - supper: (kids) beetroot soup 

                      (us) mushroom strogonoff 

Weds 19th - lunch: BLT bagel 

            - supper: (kids) beetroot soup 

                (us) spinach and ricotta lasagne and salad 

Thurs 20th - breakfast: stewed apples 

             - lunch: left over soup and lasagne

             - supper: (kids) left over lasagne

                   (us) out for supper 

Fri 21st - away with parents

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