Failure: 12th-18th November

posted Nov 23, 2011, 5:32 AM by Dinner Lady   [ updated May 9, 2012, 5:58 AM by Dinner Lady ]
Oh dear, looking at the weekly menu below I weep, thinking how far off piste I have come in relation to our challenge. Expensive Chinese takeaway. Repeats of the same key ingredients. Far too much meat.  Tinned soup.  And a whole lot of waste.  I threw out cold left over vegetables and gravy from the roast and a tupperware of rice I had saved, all of which I was hoping I could turn into a hearty soup. A bowl of cold mash I thought I could whip up into something special turned up, lurking at the back of the fridge. As I couldn't even remember when I had mashed it, it headed bin-wards.   And could I tell you how much I have spent this week on food? Of course not, having dispatched Mrs Doubtfire to the supermarket a couple of times on his way back from work. And Mrs Doubtfire, like many well meaning husbands, does not usually stick to the list, but diverts to the BOGOFs, the reduced and the totally not necessary.  That's if he remembers to take the list in the first place.  

Yes, I have utterly failed in meeting our challenge this week. The thing is, that despite my lofty aspirations to plan meals better, to shop more carefully and prudently, to eat more vegetarian food, to keep on top of the left overs in the fridge, life sometimes gets in the way. And this week it did.  

My limbs have been aching.  Since The Naughty Knight arrived, I have been prone to sore tendons and muscles.  At best I feel fatigued and slightly achy most of the time.  At worst I am totally incapacitated, the very act of lifting Princess Baby or moving between cooker, sink and kitchen table is sheer agony.  Most of the time though I muddle through, hurting a little but determined to be a normal mum and get on with it.   This week, I have had to try to take it more easy and I just could not face the additional tasks of visiting our local grocer or knocking up a soup or cooking from scratch.   

Wednesdays are my respite day as The Naughty Knight is at nursery all day, eating supper there and being fetched by Mrs Doubtfire.  But this Wednesday I got the dreaded call. He had just thrown up everywhere and would I kindly fetch him. Now this would be bad enough, but it happened precisely at ten minutes before 5pm.  This is, as all parents will know, ten minutes before Witching Hour commences. The hour (or more) where beautiful babes and children morph into howling, crazy and rather scary creatures.  Any parents' nightmare.  

By ten past five we were all home. And then The Naughty Knight threw up again all down himself and over our sofa, having missed the towel I had carefully placed under his head.  Princess Baby was screaming louder than I have ever heard her. And Maths Geek was so hungry he was blind to the needs of others, whining non stop that I hadn't served supper.  Was I doing some sort of sick interview in-tray exercise where I had to show how I would prioritise a variety of tasks?  Who should I attend to first? As with all families, we muddled through without disaster, but it was not our finest hour.  

And then I really did not feel like cooking. I had suddenly run out of time, tending to my ailing body and a sickly child.  And anyway, it felt like a futile exercise, as we were all likely to vomit it back up again if this was a bug.  

In the week before American Thanksgiving, I shall give thanks:  for Mrs Doubtfire, who, without complaining, rushed back from work and knocked up the bacon pasta on that fateful Wednesday; for cooking in bulk and freezing emergency portions; for the occasional tin of soup that hides in the cupboard; and most of all, grateful for a family that forgives me when I serve up less than my best.  


Sat 12th - lunch: out to friends for roast 

         - supper: (kids) left over fish pie 

                   (us) left over Chinese takeaway 

Sun 13th - lunch: roast beef pot roast, mashed potato & celeriac, with rice pudding 

           - supper: (kids) beans and egg on toast 

          - (us) pasta with squid (kindly given by our neighbour who bought it from local fisherman) and cream sauce 

Mon 14th - lunch: cold beef (from roast) with pitta bread 

            - supper: (kids) jacket potato with grated cheese 

                  (us) Thai fishcakes 

Tues 15th - lunch: cold beef (from roast) sandwiches 

           - supper: pasta with smoked salmon sauce (using up the smoked salmon bought by my father last week) 

Weds 16th - lunch: out to friend 

            - supper: (Maths Geek) tin of tomato soup 

                (us) pasta with bacon sauce 

Thurs 17th - lunch: badt-e-badt 

            - supper: sausage casserole from freezer 

Fri 18th    - lunch: ham sandwiches 

             - supper: (kids) left over pasta with bacon sauce 

                (us) salmon (sustainable) salmon teriyaki, rice and peas

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