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Food to go: April 2013

posted May 12, 2013, 12:15 PM by Dinner Lady
This month we have been quite literally on the go in all sorts of ways. We flirted with a move to the countryside but jumped out with cold feet as we realised that town mouse could never become country mouse, just as a country mouse could never live in the city, or the leopard change his spots or an apple lose its core. We did book our summer holiday, an organisational challenge that would take too long to explain. Rather foolishly we signed up for the 8.30am swimming lesson slot for the two weeks of Easter holidays and so our holiday slow starts did not materialise. And amidst all of this I feel like I have juggled too many jobs, too many to-do lists and, sometimes, seemingly too many children.  Thank goodness bigamy is illegal- I don't think I could cope if I had several husbands to juggle. 

Our on-the-go April necessitated an on-the-go kind of menu. And coming back from work at 7 or 8 o'clock at night several times, I have to admit to popping into the supermarket occasionally and picking up a ready meal and a bottle of easy-to-open wine. I am ashamed to admit this, given our Rules and Regulations which state "Eat home cooked food - no ready meals".  The meals were generally delicious and on the whole satisfying, although they were the premium options from the finer supermarkets.  


    Worst of the waste

- half a toffee apple crumble - Mrs Doubtfire had kindly made this, but had added way too much sugar. He had also followed the wrong recipe and ended up with a sort of bicuity rather than crumbly topping. It was, even by The Noble Knight's standards, inedible, and after a brave attempt to eat a spoonful each, we all agreed it was best off in the bin. 

- 1 rotten courgette, which delighted The Noble Knight, but made me sick, when I realised that had I been more organised and got to it before the mould did, I could have saved it.